Qurbani 2022


Eastern Food Market is offering Qurbani bookings for 2022 online. Please note that there are limited quantities. Eastern Food Market has been successfully providing Qurbani since 2000. Eid Al Adha is a special occasion for all Muslims and we strive our best to provide the outstanding service year after year. 

To provide our best service we have written out the rules below. Following these rules is what makes Qurbani with Eastern Food Market a smooth process. 


Please read the following rules carefully

1) Orders Will be first come first serve basis. Once you pay and book you will receive a call and see if we can accommodate your preference regarding the day, otherwise the next closest day will be available. 

2) Options for cutting will either be Medium or Large for Lamb and Goats, while only Medium for Beef Shares and Beef Whole. Any specialized cutting requests can be accommodated after July 13th at the store. You must present a receipt. 

3) Qurbani for Lambs and Goats will be picked up only at our location at 920 Upper Wentworth Hamilton, and Beef Qurbani will be picked up at 1004 Upper Wentworth Hamilton.

4) We can only give a range of the weights for the animals. We cannot provide exacts weights.

5) DO NOT COME TO THE STORE UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CALL letting you know that your order is ready. Failure to comply may lead to a delay of up to 8 Hours.

You will be able to book your Qurbani starting June 17th